it was just a magic day, where my vision, aim and dreams came true!! video of that special day…

the aim was to collect as much a as we could for AMANTANI (

the vision was to get everyone involved; children, adults, old ones, female, male… families, singles, couples… and not focus the event on donating for charity but in spending lively day in a marvelous sphere as it was Mas Salvi Hotel in Pals

and my dream was to get all together, create a peaceful & free atmosphere, where people went in an out, to one activity to another or just laid down in the grass… I specially wanted that the children could DO something, so they can value that WE ALL CAN DO SOMETHING… they helped in the tender (subasta), they did cookies, paintings, and the small ones just played, after they sold it and believe me they collected more than the others!!!! they where so excited, they felt it so much that it was theirs!!! my dream for them was to show them that they can, that they are part of this!!

so everything was ACHIEVED, and more than expected!! people was so happy and had such a good time, they asked when was the next!!! ja ja ja…

looking back… it was winter of 2008… without been aware that day Coco Diversity was born!!!